"The Sassy Dragonfly" - Watercolor & Ink Images/Photography

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Butterfly, "Butterfly Joy" <NEW>

Butterfly, "Butterfly Grace"

"THE Sassy Dragonfly"

Rosy-eyed Dragonfly

Lunar Moth I

Lunar Moth II

Lunar Moth III Over Globe

Desert Beetle

Daffodil Bee

Peacock Koi Pair

Wisteria Koi Pair

Multi Koi Fish Painting

Mystical Mermaid

Seahorse, "Seahorse Fantasy"

Galapagos Tortoise

Giraffe, "Hello Down There"

Pink Peony Pachyderm

Cow Skull

Armadillo, "Why Did the Armadillo Cross the Road?" <NEW>

Llama - No Ddrama

Horse I

Eli's Virginia Blue Bear

Ide California Bear

"Ursa Major" Bear with Mt. Ashland Silhouette & Ursa Major/Big Dipper Constellation

Bathing Kitty

Longhair Cat

Reaching Cat

Sitting Pretty Kitty

Beagle Pup

Boston Terrier, "Bumble Butt"


French Bulldog, "Daisy Bum"

German Shepherd

Golden Labrador, "Always Be Golden"

Pitbull Pup


Westie - West Highland Terrier

Dragon, "Dragon Majestic"

Sitting Buddha

Great Horned Owl, "Hoo Are You?!" <NEW>

Purple Peacock



Heron I

Hummingbird I

"Valley Rising" Almeda Flame

Mountain Scene - perfect for additional text for birthdates, anniversaries, etc.

Crescent Moon I <NEW>

Cactus, "Agave in Bloom" = private commission for local business

Peony Photograph, "Pink Peony Perfection"